Why the Sikh Renaissance?

We are a team of young Sikhs based in India and abroad who run a podcast on AnchorFm dedicated to cultivating intense and intellectual talks on all things Sikh. While how we receive and process information has significantly altered over the past decade, reading still retains its primacy. To this end, we have established a Substack account to share the gist of our podcast talks in a comprehensive and easy to read manner.

Why subscribe?

Not everyone has the luxury of time to fully listen to and digest either a 30-minute or even a 60-minute podcast. To this end, we created a Substack account for our listeners who prefer reading over listening. As per our founding philosophy, the information we provide will forever be free of cost. This means that you get to learn sans excessive costs charged by other Sikh oriented sites.


The Sikh Renaissance is primarily based on AnchorFm:


However, we can also be found on the following hosting sites:


-Google Podcasts


-Radio Public

-Pocket Casts



Longtime listeners are also invited to join us in our Facebook group.